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Mid-range magnesia manufacturer

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Mid-range magnesia manufacturer

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Our company produces medium-grade sand which is made of special grade and first-class magnesite, which is sintered by light burning, fine grinding, ball pressing and high temperature shaft kiln. Magnesia has low impurity content, large bulk density and good slag resistance, and is used to manufacture mid-range magnesia brick or magnesia amorphous refractory.

The mid-range magnesia is produced by calcining magnesia with a MgO content of 93% as raw material, and is subjected to pressure ball and high temperature shaft kiln calcination. The product has good sintering degree and compact crystal, and is a high-quality raw material for producing medium-grade magnesia refractory products.

Marking: The mid-range magnesia produced by the company is used for export to Japan, customs number 25199010.


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