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Use of magnesia?

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Use of magnesia?

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It can be divided into three categories: sintered magnesia, lightly burned magnesia and fused magnesia. Magnesia manufacturer

Magnesia is one of the most important raw materials for refractories.

It is used to manufacture various magnesia bricks, magnesia-alumina bricks, ramming materials, furnace feeding materials, etc.

Containing more impurities, it is used to pave the bottom of the steelmaking furnace, etc.

Light burnt magnesia powder is a kind of flexural, compressive, high strength, pneumatic and cementitious material. It is widely used in national defense, medicine, chemical industry, paper making, shipbuilding and other industries. In the building material industry, it can be made into tyre boards, particleboard, thermal insulation columns, railings, artificial marble, asbestos tiles, ordinary tiles, wallboards and paving floors. With the progress of science and technology, light-burned magnesia powder is more widely used. It can be used as civil products, light and heavy machinery packaging boxes, packaging bottom beams, high temperature refractories, beautiful, generous and lustrous furniture, and casting models in the mechanical industry.

Electro-fused magnesia is made by melting selected natural magnesite of grade A or high purity light burnt magnesia particles in an electric arc furnace. The product has high purity, large grain size, compact structure, strong slag resistance and good thermal shock stability. It is an excellent high temperature electrical insulation material. It is also an important raw material for making high-grade magnesia bricks, magnesia-carbon bricks and amorphous refractories.

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