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Effect of Reburnt Magnesium Sand Properties on Refractories

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Effect of Reburnt Magnesium Sand Properties on Refractories

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Reburnt magnesite is made by calcining magnesite, magnesite or magnesium hydroxide extracted from seawater at high temperature. It is the product of sintering process for magnesite and other magnesia raw materials after high temperature treatment. Magnesium oxide manufacturer uses natural magnesite as raw material to produce magnesite, which is called sintered magnesite by one-step or two-step calcination process of high-temperature equipment such as shaft kiln rotary kiln. Magnesium oxide manufactured from natural magnesite is called seawater magnesite, which is melted and cooled by electric arc furnace and is called magnesium oxide extracted from seawater.

 Magnesia is one of the most important raw materials for refractories. It is used to make various magnesia bricks, magnesia-alumina bricks, ramming materials, furnace feeding materials, etc. It contains more impurities and is used to pave the bottom of steel-making furnace. High-purity magnesia is made from natural magnesite ore by flotation purification and calcination in ultra-high temperature oil shaft kiln with light burning, fine grinding and pressing balls. It is a high-quality raw material for brick-making indefinite refractories.

  Magnesium oxide can react with sewage to produce magnesium hydroxide. Powdery magnesium oxide reacts with sewage to produce magnesium hydroxide first. Magnesium oxide reacts with sewage to produce magnesium hydroxide. At the same time, harmful impurities in sewage are treated. Magnesium hydroxide can be used as neutralizer. Magnesium hydroxide is alkaline. It can be used as neutralizer for acid-containing waste gas, wastewater treatment, heavy metal and organic waste liquid treatment, etc. It has been widely used in water treatment system in recent years.


The ability of enterprises to use pricing power needs to be improved. Although China's mid-grade magnesia exports account for 60% of world exports, the cost of exchange rate and labor force is rising. It is difficult for domestic enterprises to absorb pressure through pricing power. The ability of Chinese magnesia enterprises to absorb pressure through pricing power needs to be improved.

The order of magnesia mining needs further planning. Some small and medium-sized enterprises still have indiscriminate mining behavior, and the comprehensive utilization efficiency of mines is not high, which affects the production and operation order of magnesia industry.

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