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Standardize Export Order, Strengthen Mining Planning and Promote Orderly Development of Magnesia Manufacturers

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Standardize Export Order, Strengthen Mining Planning and Promote Orderly Development of Magnesia Manufacturers

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Magnesium is commonly known as light burnt magnesium, heavy burnt magnesium, fused magnesium, high-purity magnesia manufacturer and other magnesium products. Magnesium products are primary products produced by calcining magnesite. Magnesium products are indispensable refractories in the smelting industry. Due to the long formation period, irreplaceable and non-renewable of magnesia ore, China has implemented the management of tender license for magnesia export since 1994. Liaoning magnesite accounts for 85% of China's total reserves and about 20% of the world's proven reserves.


iaoning magnesia exports account for about 95% of China's total magnesia exports. Under the quota bidding management system, the export order of fused magnesia in China is developing healthily on the whole. It protects magnesite resources and also safeguards the interests of enterprises. However, through the research and development of magnesia export enterprises, it is found that at present, the export of magnesia industry in China is also facing some problems:

First, the export order needs to be further standardized. At present, there are many magnesia exporting enterprises, and the phenomenon of low price and disorderly competition still exists. In addition, export smuggling of magnesia also violates the interests of law-abiding enterprises.

Second, exchange rate appreciation affects export competitiveness. Magnesia is a resource product with high homogeneity. The appreciation of RMB leads to the price of magnesia under the competitiveness of China's export. Magnesia from Russia, North Korea and other countries exerts pressure on my export.




The melting point of periclase is very high, so many magnesia refractories have good high temperature resistance.

(2) The thermal conductivity of periclase is very good. When high MgO refractory is used and the kiln skin cannot be hung up, the surface temperature of kiln body rises. At this time, not only the heat loss is great, but also the cylinder body is easy to burn out.

(3) The high thermal expansion coefficient of periclase results in the insufficient thermal shock resistance of magnesia refractory and magnesia refractory. In use, the magnesia refractory often exfoliates.

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