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Why is the refractoriness of magnesia refractory

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Why is the refractoriness of magnesia refractory

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   Reburned magnesia is made by calcining natural magnesite in high temperature shaft kiln. It is the raw material for brick making and unshaped refractory production. The finished products are used for steelmaking, bottom of electric furnace and ramming lining.


 Magnesium powder for reburning is mainly composed of magnesite ore with a content of more than 46%. Magnesium ore is completely decomposed into periclase when calcined in high temperature shaft kiln to 1400-1800 (?) C. It becomes hard reddish brown magnesia with high refractoriness. It is an ideal raw material for the production of amorphous refractories. Its products are used in open hearth, bottom of electric furnace and ramming lining.


    The properties of magnesia manufacturer can be divided into chemical and physical properties. The chemical properties of magnesia mainly refer to that magnesia is mainly composed of periclase MgO, periclase is one of the common minerals in cement clinker, and periclase can coexist with four main minerals C3S, C2S, C3A and C4AF in cement clinker. Therefore, periclase has excellent corrosion resistance to cement clinker. Magnesite is an equiaxed mineral, which can form complete solid solution with FeO, NiO and MnO. Mohs hardness 6, relative density 3.58, melting point up to 2800 C, thermal expansion coefficient of 0?1000 C 13.5X10-6/K, thermal conductivity of 100?1000 C 3.39?4.19W/(m?K).




Related suggestion

First, we should further standardize the export order of magnesia, create a good export environment, and intensify efforts to crack down on export smuggling of magnesia.

Second, from the perspective of sustainable development, relevant departments should strengthen the mining planning of magnesia industry, increase mineral resources tax appropriately according to the relationship between market supply and demand, and promote the healthy development of magnesia industry.

Third, middle-grade magnesia export enterprises should strengthen cost management, increase technological innovation, take the road of scale development, establish industry production standards, and constantly eliminate backward enterprises.

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