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Mid-grade magnesia is a high-quality refractory material

2021-10-23 08:22:39

The development of the refractory industry is closely related to the amount of domestic mineral resources. Bauxite, magnesite and graphite are the three major refractory raw materials. China is one of the three largest exporters of bauxite in the world, with the largest reserves of magnesite in the world, and a major exporter of graphite. The rich resources have supported the rapid development of China's refractory materials for ten years. Mid-range magnesia

At the same time, there are many refractory enterprises in China, and the scale, process technology, control technology and equipment level of enterprises are uneven, and advanced production methods and backward production methods coexist. The overall level of clean production in the industry is not high, and the task of energy conservation and emission reduction is arduous.

During the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, China will accelerate the elimination of backward and energy-intensive production capacity. The industry will focus on the development and promotion of new energy-saving furnaces, development of comprehensive energy-saving technologies, energy management, emission control of "three wastes" and resource utilization of "three wastes". recycling, etc. Committed to the recycling and reuse of refractory materials after use, reducing solid waste emissions, improving the comprehensive utilization rate of resources, and comprehensively promoting energy conservation and emission reduction.

The "Refractory Industry Development Policy" pointed out that the unit consumption of refractory materials in China's iron and steel industry is about 25 kilograms per ton of steel, and will drop to less than 15 kilograms by 2020. In 2020, China's refractory materials will have longer lifespan, more energy saving, pollution-free and functional products will be greatly improved, the products will meet the needs of national economic development such as metallurgy, building materials, chemicals and emerging industries, and the technical content of export products will be improved.

Mid-range magnesia

Refractory materials are used in various fields of the national economy such as iron and steel, non-ferrous metals, glass, cement, ceramics, petrochemicals, machinery, boilers, light industry, electric power, military industry, etc., and are essential basic materials to ensure the production operation and technological development of the above industries. It plays an irreplaceable and important role in the development of high temperature industrial production.

Since 2001, driven by the rapid development of high-temperature industries such as iron and steel, non-ferrous metals, petrochemicals, and building materials, the refractory industry has maintained a good growth trend and has become a major producer and exporter of refractory materials in the world. In 2011, China's refractory production accounted for about 65% of the world's, and its production and sales ranked first in the world

From 2001 to 2010, the output of refractory raw materials and products increased steadily, of which the output of refractory products at the end of the "Tenth Five-Year Plan" was about twice that of 2001; As of 2011, there were 1,917 enterprises above designated size in China's refractory industry, employing more than 300,000 people, achieving a sales income of 337.679 billion yuan and a product sales profit of 47.737 billion yuan.

However, due to disordered mining and low processing technology, low comprehensive utilization of resources, and serious waste, the above-mentioned mineral resources, especially high-grade refractory raw materials, have become less and less, saving resources and comprehensive utilization of resources has become a top priority .


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