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Introduction of magnesia

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Introduction of magnesia

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Electro-fused magnesia is the product of magnesite and other magnesia raw materials which have reached sintering degree after high temperature treatment. The magnesia produced by using natural magnesite as raw material is called sintered magnesia by one-step or two-step calcination process with high temperature equipment such as shaft kiln and rotary kiln; the magnesite formed by using magnesite as raw material through arc furnace melting to reach melting state cooling is called electromelted magnesia; and the magnesia produced by extracting magnesium oxide from seawater is called seawater magnesia. Magnesia is one of the most important raw materials for refractories. It is used to manufacture various magnesia bricks, magnesia-alumina bricks, ramming materials, furnace feeding materials, etc. Containing more impurities, it is used to pave the bottom of the steelmaking furnace, etc.

High-purity magnesia is made from natural super magnesite ore by flotation purification, light burning, fine grinding, ball pressing and calcination in ultra-high temperature oil shaft kiln. It is a high quality raw material for brick making and indefinite refractories.

Medium grade magnesia is produced from light burned magnesia with 97% MgO content by pressing ball and calcining in high temperature shaft kiln. The product has good sintering degree and dense crystallization. It is a high quality raw material for producing medium-grade magnesia refractory products.

Electro-fused magnesia is made by melting selected natural magnesite of grade A or high purity light burnt magnesia particles in an electric arc furnace. The product has high purity, large grain size, compact structure, strong slag resistance and good thermal shock stability. It is an excellent high temperature electrical insulation material. It is also an important raw material for making high-grade magnesia bricks, m

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